Creating top-of-the-line baby products to enrich your experience of parenthood

You may think that this company was created for babies, but we like to think that we exist for you, the parent. You build the foundation on which your child learns, grows and expresses their fullest potential. We want to contribute to your experience in this amazing journey.

Family photo of Snurfle Cashmere with husband, wife and two kids

As parents, we love giving our children the best that life has to offer. It gives us so much joy and a great sense of accomplishment to give excellent quality to our kids. Imagine having products that make you proud and excited to tell all your friends about, in addition to making your parenting easier.

We used baby sleeping bags for our own children and recognized how useful they can be. But we noticed that pretty much every sleeping bag available out there is about the same. We wanted to create something unique that takes your parenting experience to new heights of enjoyment.

Dad holding daughter in his arms, smiling at each other.

Cashmere is a luxury fabric that's perfect for your little one. It is exquisitely soft, up to 8 times warmer than sheep's wool, and highly breathable - perfect for keeping your baby at the ideal temperature for a great night's sleep all year long.

We use only grade-A cashmere from Inner Mongolia, the source of the best cashmere in the world. The extreme cold in these regions helps produce magnificently long and warm fibres on our cashmere goats, superior in quality to those sourced from other places.

White cashmere goats crowding around

We use our cashmere sleeping bag with our little girl every night and every nap. The softness and luxury of it makes every cuddle so scrumptiously snuggly. Moreover, it gives us the peace of mind we need, knowing that she will be kept warm and cozy throughout the night.

Mum holding daughter in her arms and looking at each other lovingly

We hope that using our cashmere sleeping bag for your little one every day will serve to make your experience of parenthood that much more memorable and delightful.

Sarani and Eugene
Snurfle Cashmere